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Created in full for free, then just £9.99/month.

Working with MusoSites was a joy: it was easy, flexible, and their designers’ musical background put us on the same page immediately.

George Jackson


Save money. We'll design and host your site free for 30 days. Then just £9.99/mo, plus a 120% money back guarantee


Save time with a simple, fast, code-free update panel and 24 hour customer support.

Get noticed by new pupils, ensembles, venues and listeners with a stunning site designed by musicians for musicians.

Our 120% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re incredibly confident you’ll love your new MusoSite. But if you don’t, tell us within 60 days and we’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. We’ll follow that up with an extra 20% to say sorry for wasting your time

MusoSites isn’t just the perfect choice, it’s totally risk-free as well.

Join hundreds of musicians trusting MusoSites with their online presence:

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Couldn’t be more pleased with the service from Musosites. I knew exactly what I wanted my site to look like, but I didn’t have the time or the patience to design it all myself. The Musosites team were able to shape the site to my exacting specifications. My new site is elegant, it grabs you, it conveys the important information that music promoters, other professionals, and fans want to see. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Christopher Lowrey


Musosites gave me a chic website in double quick time. Easy to navigate, shares all the info that I want!


Rachel Miller


A very smooth, hassle free experience: the design process was so clear…can’t recommend MusoSites highly enough.


Miles Horner


Brilliant value and ludicrously fast! Feels great directing all the enquiries I get to such a professional website.


William Kunhardt



Why should I pick MusoSites?

Classical Music is so crowded and competitive that if you don’t have a great website, you’ll start losing out to those that do.

To get a great website, you need web designers that understand your needs and challenges:

  • the need for something visually stunning, that stands out in a competitive industry;
  • the need for a site that is affordable – let’s face it, new scores and instrument upkeep are costly enough;
  • the need for something which is quick and easy to update – because your time should be spent playing not typing

Musosites was founded in part by expert web designers and in part by full-time, professional Classical musicians. There’s no other design agency out there with that background. We’re also the only agency that specialises 100% in Classical Music web design. In other words: when you need a website, we’re the obvious choice.

Still not convinced?

Just look at our portfolio and feedback. Those are real, successful musicians, all of whom are delighted with what we’ve created for them. Head to heir websites and ask them for feedback yourself.

STILL not enough!?

Wow. Tough sell. Well, all we can say is this: try us and see. Because you won’t lose a penny if you do. Musosites is 100% free for 30 days. You can see exactly what your site will look like before you buy it. And if you realise a few weeks later that we didn’t get it right just let us know and we’ll give you 120% of your money back. 100% refund and 20% to say sorry for wasting your time. We’ve never had a customer ask for it yet, but it’s there – just for your peace of mind.

What's in the Musosites Package

In a nutshell

  1. A custom name (www.example.com). We buy it if needed, or transfer it over to our servers if you already have it. Then we take care of it, pay for it as part of your subscription and manage it for you.
  2. A custom website! We create your website, with any or all of the following features:
    • Biography, Schedule, multimedia, discography, press, gallery, chamber music groups and a contact page.
    • We also create up to two ‘free choice’ sections, for things like teaching services or other projects you’re involved with
    • We also create buttons and links for all your social media needs
  3. A custom email You’ll get a professional email address (e.g. yourname@yoursite.com)
  4. Two rounds of Design amends You just fill out a feedback form and we’ll make all the tweaks you want. We then repeat the process, just to make 100% sure you love everything about your site.
  5. Access to your site’s no-code-required update panel. It’s an incredibly simple visual editor, that lets you update anything about your site in seconds – it’s as easy as writing a new tweet.  You’ll also get our handy guide which walks you through every part of your site and how to update it.
  6. 24-hour customer support. Our dedicated team will be on hand to sort out any and all of your problems pronto.
  7. A free redesign every 24 months. Trends change, your needs change. So to make sure your site keeps delivering, we redesign it for free every two years.
How does the process work?
  1. First up you’ll use this website to sign up for a site (we won’t charge you for 30 days)
  2. You’ll then be sent your welcome email. It contains two forms
    • A design form – in the form, you’ll be asked about your personality as a musician. Then you’ll be asked to add all the text for each section of your new site  (like your biography)
    • A schedule form – in this form you’ll add your upcoming dates and performances so we can start building your schedule section
    • You’ll also be asked to submit about 15 of your best photos
  3. When you submit the forms, we’ll start designing. We’ll use the style of the photos and your form answers to design the first draft of your page.
  4. When we’re happy with it, we’ll send it to you for your approval, along with an amendments form
    • You’ll need to fill out the form with anything you don’t like about your site, from the fonts, to the images to the layout. Don’t worry there’s usually very little to talk about 😉
  5. When you submit your amendments form, we’ll make all the tweaks then send the site back to you with a fresh form. You can make any final suggestions before the site goes live.
  6. And that’s it. We’ll tidy everything up, send you editing access codes and our editing guide, then you’re off and running. We’ll also drop you some info about our referral scheme. Get a few friends to sign up to MusoSites and you could have your site free, for life!
Can I update my site easily?

Yes is the answer. Almost everything on your site can be updated in a few clicks:

  • For anything content related: tweaking text, adding new videos and photos etc, you just log into your update panel and make the changes.
    • It’s incredibly fast, all visual editing – like updating your Facebook profile. No coding or tech-y knowledge required whatsoever
    • Included with your site is our update manual. It includes step-by-step guides to updating everything along with screenshots
    • Nonetheless, if you get stuck, just email our support gurus and they’ll sort you out in a second!
  • For basic design updates, like changing a background image, you simply get in touch with our support team and they’ll do it all for you!
Why so cheap?

Cheap usually equals bad quality right?


With Musosites, cheap simply equals efficient. In fact when it comes to quality it’s the complete opposite. Because we’ve specialised 100% in Classical Music, honing our skills over hundreds of sites, we aren’t just cheaper than the competition, we’re better at producing perfect sites for Classical musicians.

Standard agencies will charge you for everything. The time it takes to talk to you and answer emails, the time it takes to research your industry, the time it takes to work out how to build your site, then construct it.

We charge you the same way. The thing is, we only need 1/10 of the time that a standard agency does to achieve everything you’re looking for.

  • We invite you to fill out a special design form, which we’ve created specifically for classical musicians, not a blank email. So we save hours spent writing emails back and forth trying to figure out what you want
  • We don’t need to research your industry from scratch. We already know it inside because we 100% specialise in Classical music
  • We don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to create a musician’s schedule or discography. We already know how, because it’s all we do, every day.

We’re experienced, knowledgeable and efficient. We don’t waste time on bad ideas because we already know what works and what doesn’t.

In other words, we’ve cut hours and hours out of the process. That means we saved a huge amount of money – something we’re able to pass on to you. 

There’s no one else out there that focuses on Classical music like we do, so there’s no one else who can offer you this quality at this price.

So what do you get from it?

Here’s the obvious answer:

We love two things in life: Beautiful websites and Classical Music. Getting paid to combine the two is a dream come true. Nothing beats watching the reaction of each musician when we show them their website. We’ve built hundreds and the kick each time is still just as good.

But there’s more:

One of our first clients was the Arensky Chamber Orchestra. It’s an incredible group that gives breathtaking, genre-bending concerts. We were so inspired by the bold new future that the ACO is writing for Classical Music that we decided to sponsor them. So for every client we get, we donate a portion of the profits to the ACO, to help continue their incredible work, whether it’s in the concert hall or changing lives in the classroom and community

And that’s what we get from MusoSites: We make a brilliant living doing what we love by helping you. And we get the joy of knowing every new product we create is contributing to a better, bolder future for Classical Music.

Why should I pay a subscription rather than upfront?

Two simple reasons:

With a subscription, you provide us with continuous income. That means we can provide an ongoing service not just a one-off product. That’s critical – even the best websites in the world malfunction sometimes so you need to know there’s someone there to help you instantly. Someone, who isn’t going to charge you per callout.

As a result, with your MusoSite subscription, you get 24hr support, a design team to help you make alterations, and best of all: a completely free redesign every two years, to keep your website at the cutting edge.

The other reason is pretty simple: it helps you manage the cost. With our subscription, getting a new website the price of a takeout pizza, once a month – something you can pay today and manage easily forever.

All in all, we think that sounds much better than a big angry one-off fee and an extra bill every time you need help with something.

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