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Specialist websites made by musicians for musicians

£350 inclusive | 120% money back guarantee
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You've spent a lifetime developing a unique sound

And your website should reflect that. Each MusoSite is tailored to you, beautiful and optimised for mobile viewing.


You're constantly on the run from rehearsal to show

So updating your site has to be quick and easy. We specialise in visually stunning but ultra simple one-page websites.


From bow rehairs to new reeds, life is expensive

So your website shouldn’t be. £350 flat, no hidden costs, inclusive of 12 months free hosting. And a 120% money back guarantee if you don’t like your site.


1. Choose a website style

We have three to pick from: contemporary, urban and elegant. You can see an example of each in our portfolio.


2. Complete our design questionairre

We’ll ask you about what you need for each section of your new website so you can choose the features and layout that are right for you

3. Upload and Relax...

Send us your bio, schedule and any media you want to show the world. Our team will get busy and within 48 hours your custom made website will be live.

Don't worry you can make changes...

You get a complimentary round of amendments so we can tweak anything that’s not to your liking

We'll even host it free for a year.

We’ll also give you easy to use guides for updating all the content of your site


We think every modern musician needs a beautiful, bespoke website, but we don’t think that should cost them the earth. We also know that a musician’s needs are specific and have to be handled by someone who understands the industry.

We’re a group of musicians that couldn’t find a service like that anywhere online so we created it ourselves. We’ve searched for the best software and coupled that with a revolutionised design process and developed the exact website features musicians need.

We believe MusoSites is the perfect musicians’ website solution. So if you don’t like what we’ve made you, you can use our 120% money-back guarantee. 100% of the cost of the website plus another 20% for wasting your time.


Take a look at some of the musicians already using MusoSites.
We’re also proud to say this website was made using the MusoSite technology and process we’re offering you.


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