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I needed to work with people who could ‘get under the skin’ of my music and style, then alchemise it into something essential. Musosites were those people! Responsive, efficient, full of expertise and incredibly good value for money.


My new site is elegant, it grabs you, it conveys the information that music promoters want to see. Can’t recommend them highly enough.


A chic website, rapid delivery, easy to use, shares everything that I want. Love it!




MusoSites is the design agency for classical artists.
We make standing out from the competition easy.

We’re looking for 30 exceptional musicians to try our new 2017/18 operating system with a FREE WEBSITE DESIGN.

Our team is led by experienced performers that optimise your site for career growth. Get the right information, perfectly presented, in front of the promoters and listeners that need it.

Our engineers are experts gorgeous design and cutting-edge technology. They create sites that are stunning on all devices and lightning fast to update.

We’ve helped hundreds of musicians expand concert schedules, develop chamber groups and grow teaching studios. Take the difficulty out of building your career online. Test the industry-leaders in classical web design now.

The 17-18 season is about to begin.
Make it your best yet.

Offers remaining (out of 30)

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