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Thank you so much for your business -it means the world to us!

The Next Step

There are two things we need from you.

First, you’ll need¬†to fill out our handy design form so we know what kind of site to build you. It’s pretty simple and takes about 10 minutes. You’ll need your biography, YouTube/Vimeo/Soundcloud links etc. to hand to complete it fully.

Second, you’ll need to send us your next five concerts, so we can fill out your schedule section. You’ll be able to add more at your leisure (it’s very quick with our handy¬†update guide, plus there’s our tech support team to help you if you get stuck).

You can access the forms using the two buttons below, however if you don’t have the time or info to do it right now, don’t worry – we’ll send you a link to it in your confirmation email so you can fill it out at your leisure!

And for any questions, don’t hesitate to email us: hello@musosites.co

Looking forward to your answers and building that site!
The Musosites Team